Tik Tok Gen Z’ers Have A Big Problem & You Could Have Seen This Coming A Million Miles Away

Tik Tok Gen Z’ers have a big problem and you could have seen this one coming a million miles away.

Gen Z is quickly getting themselves into trouble and it is all coming from Tik Tok.

The social media platform is full of young women who have gotten a large following and become “influencers” for clothing companies. The companies promoting these products (with big prices) use services to split the payments into increments.

Companies use services like Afterpay, Affirm, Sezzle, and Zip at checkout that break up the total checkout amount into small payments that are deferred over a determined period of months.

Below is an example:

@loganraehill #ad Afterpay day is here! It’s here for 4 days only March 17-20! “See @Afterpay Terms for full terms. @afterpayusa #AfterpayDay ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

The San Francisco Gate reports:

Gen Z, in particular, has fallen in love with the short-term loans, spending 925% more now through point-of-sale services than in January 2020. But coupling nearly instantaneous loans with an influencer-addled social media culture that prioritizes exorbitant spending and normalizes debt could be further jeopardizing the financial futures of young people through just four easy payments.

They even admit they are addicted…

@annabelle.cooley i can’t even say that i’m a material gworl bc it’s deeper than that. it is an addiction. #materialgirl #materialgworl #shopaholic ♬ you guys werent supposed to use this sound LMFAOO – jade/don


According to reports, 43 percent of Gen Z customers who have used these “short-term loans” have missed at least one payment and 30 percent have missed two.

Companies providing these services admit they are targeting Gen Z and that the service does increase total checkout amounts.

Remember, “you’ll own nothing and be happy.”

Not really, the clip below are the consequences Gen Z’ers are facing.

@lillian.bradford @Afterpay Australia ♬ mario kart wii race results – sky

The Democrats are desperate for votes and are trying to swoon millennials for the midterms by absolving student loan debt. It is only a matter of time before Democrats, desperate for votes demand we bail Gen Z for buying too much online.


San Francisco Gate