Liberal Billionaire Steyer Attacks Trump

Billionaire Steyer Demands Trumps’s Impeachment.

Tom Steyer, a hedge manager, and progressive activist has decided to start a campaign against our President. On Friday he posted an ad (below) calling all Americans to come together to Impeach Trump. The Liberal billionaire believes our President has violated the constitution, and get this that Trump is against media that tells the truth. So Trump is against the Liberal  “Fake News” Media and this is impeachment worthy behavior?

Steyer not only is trying to get the Public against Trump but is also looking to get elected officials against Trump. The Billionaire could not contain his anti-Trump sentiment claiming “this President is a clear and present danger, whose mentally unstable, and armed with nuclear weapons, and they do nothing.” Steyer needs a reality check as Trump is the only thing keeping the US safe from foes far and wide.

Trump responded to the Impeachment campaign saying that Tom has been against him from the beginning unable to win elections himself,


It’s too bad money couldn’t buy Steyer manners or common sense.


Watch The Slanderous Steyer’s Ad Below.

As Reported By Fox News, Brooke Singman.

An aide to Steyer told Forbes that the television ad buy would be accompanied by a multi-million dollar digital advertising campaign.

According to, Steyer donated to Hillary Clinton; Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who has repeatedly called for Trump’s impeachment; and Democratic candidates for Senate.

Congressional Democrats like Reps. Brad Sherman of California, Al Green of Texas and Waters also have called for the president’s impeachment.

Steyer and his super PAC, back in 2014, reportedly sought to raise $100 million to elect allies in the climate change fight – though they fell short of that goal, Steyer later denied setting it and Republicans went on to gain control of the Senate and pick up seats in the House and local races.