Video Exposes White House Falsifying Docs To Protect A Senile Joe Biden

The White House is pulling out all of the stops to cover up how senile President Joe Biden is.

Biden is literally turning into the ridiculous movie character Ron Burgundy. The Will Farrell character was a stupid prideful anchorman who loses his job, below is a clip.

We could have never guessed that America would end up with a President that is just as dumb despite using a ridiculously large teleprompter.

Below is an image showing the size of the teleprompters Biden uses.

This is why Biden repeating the instructions on his teleprompter like “end of quote” and “repeat the line” while squinting at three-foot-tall words is so egregious.

White House Assistant Press Secretary Emilie Simons claimed that Biden misspoke which he clearly did not.

Despite video evidence, the White House altered the official transcript to cover up Joe’s senile behavior.

Biden is so bad the foreign press is skewering him.

Joe Biden is a failed president just a little over 18 months into his term and yes the report below is from the New York Times.