Japanese Police Arrest Man After They Found 9 Of These In His Apartment

Police Arrest Japanese Man After Finding Nine Bodies In His Apartment.

Japanese police were in for a surprise today, during an investigation into a missing 23-year-old Tokyo woman, they came upon Takahiro Shiraishi. It was discovered that Shiraishi,29, had more than the typical drink and refrigerated food in his coolers. He had body parts from at least 9 different people including 2 severed heads.

The brother of the 23-year-old missing Tokyo woman found an exchange of messages on his sister’s computer, on a suicide website. On the suicide site exchanges were found between the sister and Shiraishi. The sister had posted to Twitter earlier claiming she wanted someone to join her in committing suicide but she was “scared of dying alone.” Surveillance footage has been obtained that shows the last glimpse of the missing woman with Shiraishi near his apartment.

Takahiro Shiraishi admitted that he was sawing up the bodies into pieces in order to slowly dispose of them in the trash. “It’s true that I tried to hide the bodies of the people I killed to destroy evidence, Shiraishi was quoted as saying by the police.”

Police are still in process of identifying the bodies but do believe the missing woman will be among them. So far they have determined there was eight women and one man dismembered. Shiraishi is still in the process of being charged for the deaths but so far he has been charged on suspicion of abandoning a body.

Watch the reel below for a quick recap of the story.


As Reported By Kyodo, Staff Report

A man who lives on the same floor as Shiraishi said he noticed an “odd smell” when he walked past the apartment in August.

“I thought it smelled like sewage,” the neighbor said. “It was something I never smelled before.”

According to residents who know him, Shiraishi was sometimes seen visiting his family home where his father lived alone. His mother and younger sister had left several years before.

A young man who recently moved near the Shiraishi family home said he saw Shiraishi several times late at night during the past few months.

“He was sitting in front of the door and looking at his cellphone,” he said. “It felt creepy.”