Mainstream Media Says Nuclear War Could Be ‘A Good Thing’

When I first saw this post being circulated on social media I thought it was a joke.

Liberals on Twitter were passing around a report from the Huffington Post citing that a “small” nuclear war could actually be a good thing.

From the Huffington Post

While the global cooling caused by superpower-on-superpower war could be catastrophic (hence the term “nuclear winter”) a small scale war could have an impact on the world climate, says National Geographic. Models suggest that though the world is currently in a warming trend, small-scale war could lower global temperatures 2.25 degrees F for two-to-three years following war.

Oh, and Time magazine is in on the act as well citing that a small nuclear war would cool the planet:

Even a small exchange of nuclear weapons–between 50-100 Hiroshima-sized bombs, which India and Pakistan already have their in arsenal–would produce enough soot and smoke to block out sunlight, cool the planet, and produce climate change unprecedented in recorded human history.

The left is so desperate about controlling us through climate change policy that they are willing to talk about a possible nuclear war.

With COVID winding down this is going to be the next battle where you will see people censored from social media for not agreeing with the “science.” The preposterous claim that a nuclear war could be a good thing shows you just how cultish the left is.

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