Fish Seeks Revenge On Fisherman And Almost Succeeds

Talk About A Fish Tale.

A British man was rushed to the hospital today after a fishing trip went wrong. The 28-year-old unnamed man was fishing off Boscombe Pier in Bournemouth. When he caught himself a 6-inch Dover Sole. In celebration, he grabbed the fish and went to kiss it which is a customary thing.

The act of kissing a fish is a tradition that is supposed to bring luck, it can also symbolize a goodbye and thank you for letting me catch you. Some fisherman view the kiss as a nurturing act, a kiss the hook boo-boo kind of thing. Although minute there are some dangers to kissing a fish.

BlastocystosisDientamoebiasisAmoebiasisGiardiaIsosporiasisDioctophyme renalis infectionFasciolopsiasis – (intestinal fluke), Paragonimiasis, (Lung Fluke), is a short list of parasites that can be contracted from untreated water or from the fish themselves.”

In this case, when the unnamed man went to kiss his freshly caught fish it jumped from his hands to his mouth. The fish then proceeded to jam itself into the man’s throat, blocking off his windpipes. The man, with his airway blocked and unable to unlodge the fish, fell unconscious. The man’s heart stopped and Paramedics were called to save him.

Paramedics arrived in time and brought the man back to life. They then unlodged the fish using some forceps in the ambulance.

The man survived to tell of his mighty battle with the fish that tried to take his life.

Watch the Video below.

As Reported By Dorset, BBC

He said it was the “most bizarre” call-out he had ever attended.

Members of Boscombe Pier Sea Anglers performed CPR on their friend before the arrival of emergency crews at about 23:00 BST on 5 October.

Ian Cowie from the group said: “He was kissing the fish when it jumped down his throat. It’s a tradition to kiss your first catch.”

Mr. Harrison said: “We’re all so glad the patient has no lasting effects from his cardiac arrest, which could so easily have had such a tragic and devastating outcome.”