The Beginnings For A Social Credit System To Take Root In The USA Just Became A Reality

Events in early 2022 has allowed the foundation for a social credit system to take root in the West.

It all started with the wanna-be tyrant, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used unprecedented powers to debank protestors who were against COVID restrictions.

The Canadian government ordered financial institutions to stop cash withdrawals “issue a loan, extend a mortgage or more generally facilitate “any transaction” of a “designated person” while the Emergencies Act is in place.

The CBC reported:

Banks also are required to “disclose without delay” the “existence of property in their possession or control” or “any information about a transaction or proposed transaction” related to a “designated person” to both the RCMP and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

“Those authorities are now in force and they’re being used,” said Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino. “It’s incredibly important that we follow the money.”

A “designated person” was defined as anyone who donated or participated in the freedom convoy protests. There were even reports that family members of “designated persons” were having trouble.

Things went a step farther when Trudeau’s Justice Minister threatened American’s stating that he was exploring freezing the bank accounts of Trump supporters who donated to the protests.

As of the writing of this post, the threat was not carried out however, not one of our public officials in the United States denounced the threat.

The USA media also went after American donators hoping to dox them and get them fired. Reports were calling people who gave as little as $40 and publishing their information online.

Inside the USA creditors are floating the idea that if a person would allow them to look at their web browsing history they’ll have more access to credit.

All of this is the foundation of a social credit system and the Great Reset. As long as you visit the “correct” websites you’ll have all this credit, basically be an indentured servant to the regime, own nothing, and “you’ll be happy.”

Ah, yeah, no thanks.