After Fed Court Loss Biden Throws A Hissy Fit & Cripples US Oil Production

On the same day that Russia invaded Ukraine, the Biden administration threw a hissy fit because they lost a battle in federal court and that has crippled US oil production.

Not only did Biden pass executive orders killing US oil production he changed the metrics in the approval process for drilling leases. The Administration then tried to impose those same new metrics (based off principles in the green new deal) on leases that had already been approved by the former Trump Administration. Many states sued the administration and in early February 2022, US District Judge James Cain ruled against the regime and that they would not be allowed to use the new metrics for leases that had already been approved.

As a result of not getting their way, the Biden administration paused drilling on all new leases.

“Agencies are experiencing significant delays and wastes of resources as they scramble to rehash economic and environmental analyses prepared in connection with a broad array of government actions,” the Department of Justice wrote in a legal filing on Saturday.

“Work surrounding public-facing rules, grants, leases, permits, and other projects has been delayed or stopped altogether so that agencies can assess whether and how they can proceed,” the department wrote.

Joe Biden is buddying up to our enemies as gas prices soar and at home he pauses oil production.

In the meantime, Americans are getting crushed.