Watch: The Media Is Floored After Biden Misses A Layup, ‘I Was Stunned! I mean It Was An Easy…

Even the mainstream media can’t ignore President Joe Biden’s consistent incompetence.

During a segment on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” host, Chuck Todd and his guest Eddie Glaude, Princeton University professor were “stunned” that Biden missed an easy political layup.

Todd complained that Biden never tried to connect voting rights to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The liberal host claimed that it was an easy comparison that would have drummed up support from Ukraine. Todd added that he didn’t want to be “crass” but it was a poor attempt to not even try.

“I mean hate to be that crass about it but right? It’s an easy political message.” Todd added.

Partial Transcript:

CHUCK TODD: Eddie, I joked about bringing up the State of the Union, it’s like nobody else is talking about it. But if there was one thing that surprised me about the President’s State of the Union was the lack of connecting the fight for democracy and freedom abroad, with the fight for democracy at home. Today’s Bloody Sunday, ok? On Selma, the Vice President’s there, going to march against the bridge. Second time without John Lewis. It feels odd not to have John Lewis there leading this. But were you surprised?

EDDIE GLAUDE: I was stunned! I mean it was an easy kind of rhetorical move. Let’s defend democracy abroad and secure democracy at home.

TODD: And politically helpful. I mean hate to be that crass about it but right? It’s an easy political message.

GLAUDE: And what would it mean to secure democracy at home? We have to address the question of what’s happening across the country in terms of the assault on voting rights. And we would also have to address the illiberal forces within our country that are driving the challenge to voter rights. So I didn’t understand it and I thought it was a mistake.

TODD: And I think its a way, you gotta, if we’re going to get drawn in more, you gotta explain to the American people why this fight matters.

Polls show that a majority of Americans do not approve of how Biden has handled the Ukraine crisis. That doesn’t mean that Americans don’t support the Ukrainian people who are losing their country. Overwhelmingly, Americans are furious that Biden let it happen in the first place and are fed up with his incompetence.