Justice Is Served In The Tragic Murder Of Naive Youth

British/Australian Women Get Sentenced For Heinous Murder.

There are criminals and there is this woman. Australian murderer Jemma Lilley has finally received her sentence for her heinous murder of Aaron Pajich. Pajich was an autistic boy who had a big heart and sadly did not see these evil women for what they were. Earlier this week Jemma was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 28 years before she can walk freely among the public. Her roommate who aided in the murder received the same sentence. The incident occurred back in June of 2016.

Pajich was 18 and was attending community college where he met Lilley’s roommate and soon to be accomplice Trudi Lenon. Pajich was also friends with Trudi’s 14-year-old son. Trudi lured the naive youth by asking him to come out to the mall. They had met at 9 am and she later brought him back to the apartment under the guise of getting help with her computer.

Jemma the more aggressive of the two had always wanted to kill someone and had lost touch with reality. She had written a book that centered around a lazy serial killer that she was starting to identify with more and more. Jemma had started to sign his name instead of hers and felt that killing someone was just something she needed to do before she turned 26.

With the help of her roommate Trudi, she made that happen. As Pajich was trying to help out his friend’s mom by downloading games on her computer, Jemma came from behind him using a wire to try and strangle him. The wire broke as the youth struggled for his life. But Jemma was determined she reached for a knife and with the help of Trudi, who held him down, she stabbed him to death.

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They buried him the backyard and put new concrete tiles down on top of his grave, in efforts to hide it. Jemma was pleased with herself and felt euphoria about the incident.

The ladies who thought they were so clever failed to realize that Pajich had people that cared for him. Pajich’s family filed a missing person report. The police used cellphone messages to find that the youth was last seen in their company. They roommates quickly turned on each other and had wimpy alibis like oh I was asleep, or taking a bike ride.

Thankfully these ladies will be put away for a long time as they are monsters or as his mother put it:

“He was my precious little boy, he was my first-born. He was full of life,” Sharon Pajich said, adding the pair were “disgusting animals” and should never be released. “They deserve everything they get for what they’ve done. They’ve taken an innocent boy from his loved ones.”