Liberal Mainstream Media “Forgets” To Cover Quadruple Homicide

Liberal Mainstream Media Decides Mass Murder Is Suddenly Not Newsworthy.

As if The Mainstream media was not bias enough, now it comes out that opposed to doing their jobs of reporting the news, they are instead continuing to sell the anti-gun narrative. It has been more than a month now since the shooting and the Liberal Media is still Anti-gun crazy. They are still endorsing students like Hogg who recently did a low quality anti-gun ad. But what’s worse is they are now failing to report the news.

In South Carolina, there was a quadruple homicide. The Media barely touched it

An incident report released in a quadruple homicide Saturday morning at a home in Charleston County describes the scene investigators found when they arrived.

The coroner’s office identified the victims as 72-year-old Joseph Manigault, 69-year-old Rose Manigault, 42-year-old Kenya Manigault and 15-year-old Faith Manigault.

The four victims all died from blunt trauma, according to Charleston County Deputy Coroner Kimberly Rhoton.

The Manigault’s grandson, 22-year-old Lovequawn Matthew Shaire Scott,¬†was arrested on Saturday for their deaths and charged with four counts of murder.”

Watch The Interview With A Family Member Below.

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This mentally disturbed individual would not answer the door when a family member came to check on her mom and niece. The daughter unlocked the door and immediately saw two bodies on the ground. Afraid the daughter ran out and called 911.

Upon Police arrival, Scott came out and laid face down on the ground with his arms out. The police noted that he was still bloody from the murders.

It is currently unknown as to why Scott killed his family members. But the reason this is not mainstream news lies in the choice of weapon used to kill the victims. Scott used a dumbbell to beat his kin to death. Not just one, or two, but four people.

Family members were overly distraught. Police had to put Scott in the back of their squad car for his own safety as family showed up angry.

I’m angered that he had the audacity to refuse to come down and face us,” Valerie Gilliard-Anthony, a relative said.

We are devastated by this act. We’re devastated, and this is something I don’t think my family will ever recover from,” Gilliard-Anthony said.”

This type of story is tragic and tells the public that when deranged individuals want to kill others they don’t need a gun. It defeats the whole guns kill people narrative that the MSM is currently spinning. This story would normally be big news, as this is not a minor¬†offense and much is still unknown. What drives a man to kill his family, especially when they were supposedly so good to him? Are Liberals going to try and ban dumbbells now?