Dem Congressman Dodges Carlson’s Questions In The Most Absurd Way [Video] 

Eric Swalwell weaves his way around answering Tucker Carlson’s question and it doesn’t end well.

The California Democrat appeared on the Tucker Carlson Show Friday in what should have been a discussion over the FISA memo but quickly became heated. Carlson reiterates his questions several times as the Congressmen attempts to elude and confuse the entire interview. In a last-ditch effort to avoid answering the politician accuses the host of colluding with the Russians. Go figure.



“That turned out to be a lie, probably, because there was nothing in this that was classified,” Carlson told Swalwell. “In fact, there’s no obvious reason that it was classified in the first place. So why would they tell us that when they knew it wasn’t true?”

Swalwell pointed to how the memo “revealed sources,” a response that wasn’t satisfactory to Carlson. He accused the Fox News host of “playing a role” of “jeopardizing national security” for discussing the memo.

“You just accused me of endangering American national security and I think it’s fair to ask you to be very precise in explaining how I’m doing that,” Carlson reacted.

Things escalated between Carlson and Swalwell, especially when the congressman insisted that Carlson wanted to “give the suspect the evidence before we ask them the questions.”

“Who’s the suspect?!?” Carlson shot back. “I’m honestly conf- what the hell are you talking about?!?”

They then went on to discuss whether or not Carter Page was justly surveilled and once again, they didn’t see eye-to-eye.

“Do you believe it? Is he a foreign agent? Simple question,” Carlson said. “Do you think he’s betraying his country?”

“I think you’re not allowing the FBI to answer that question with what you and others are doing to undermine their work,” Swalwell responded.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Carlson exclaimed.