The Malta Government Is Offering An Outrageous Bounty For The Identity Of A Killer

Malta Government Wants Justice For A Recently Slain Reporter.

Malta Government is offering 1 million euros (1.18million dollars) to the person that can get them information about who recently car bombed and killed reporter Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Daphne was an investigative reporter for Malta, she ran a blog called Running Commentary. She was known to be an advocate for the people and for her strong anti-corruption view. The Car Bombing occurred on October 16th after she had posted that Keith Schembri, The Chief of Staff for Malta’s Prime Minister, was a crook.

She had been writing about the current Panama company corruption case and a case where Schembri had sued Simon Busuttil, the Parliament opposition leader, for libel. Schembri claimed that Simon had slandered him during an anti-corruption speech he gave at an anti-corruption protest.

Busuttil said that Schembri was caught with a secret Panama company, opened after taking a public office. “In any other country this is a scandal and he would have been kicked out within five minutes.”

Daphne’s Last Post

She believed the Panama company scandal ran deep into the Malta Government. That corruption was what her last post was all about:

“Mr Schembri is claiming that he is not corrupt, despite moving to set up a secret company in Panama along with favourite minister Konrad Mizzi and Mr Egrant just days after Labour won the general election in 2013, sheltering it in a top-secret trust in New Zealand, then hunting around the world for a shady bank that would take them as clients.

(In the end, they solved the problem by setting up a shady bank in Malta, hiding in plain sight.)”

“He (Schembri) also said that he was unable to reply to the corruption accusations in the past two years – but it hasn’t been two years – because of a “medical condition”. Would this be the medical condition that they claimed he didn’t have, when the Prime Minister’s chief of staff disappeared for months, I wondered why, found out, and then reported on it?”

She ended her last post expressing her concern for the current state of her country.

“There are crooks everywhere you look now. The situation is desperate.”

Possible Suspects?

Herman Grech, Times Of Malta, claimed that there had been numerous car bombings in the recent years but they are usually targeted at criminals. Daphne had gone after such gangsters before fearlessly.

One of the shady businesses she was going after was Pelartus Bank. Her source said that the bank was involved with money laundering and bribes. The source also said that this bank could connect the oil-rich state of Azerbaijan to high ranking government officials. The bank denies such claims and the source is wanted for questioning.

It is unclear if her last posts resulted in her death or if it was a previous story she covered. Daphne was an advocate for the truth and did not care who she offended regardless of their connections or morality. She was a bright light revealing the corruption and darkness in the world around her, that makes her a prime target.

Daphne Caruana Galizia Pictured Below.

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Several other top officials, including a minister and Muscat’s chief-of-staff, had launched libel suits against the slain journalist.

In the statement Saturday, the government also said the information could be passed on confidentially to the police and still be eligible for the reward as long as it “is corroborated by other independent evidence which would lead to the identification of the person or persons who committed this act.”

FBI agents and Dutch forensic experts are helping Malta with the homicide investigation.