Latest Details Of The Florida School Shooter Will Have Your Blood Boiling!

New Updates Released About The Flordia High School Shooting Leaves Us With More Questions.

Since learning the Stoneman Douglas High School resource officer failed to act during the shooting we have now discovered he may not have been the only officer guilty of standing by while the shooter slaughtered 17 people.

School deputy on duty, Scot Peterson, took a position outside of building 12 while the deranged gunman, Nikolas Cruz, opened fire inside. Sources now say that three other officers, also visibly aware of the shooting, took positions outside of their vehicles with their guns drawn but never entered the school.

The unarmed staff and children did not stand a chance against Cruz and with some many people reportedly failing to act, its a wonder there weren’t more children killed. If the active officer’s failure to intervene wasn’t enough to make your blood boil documents released by the FBI and local law enforcement disclosed multiple reports about Cruz prior to the shooting.

The NY Daily News Reported a woman who knew Nikolas Cruz made a chilling phone call to the FBI weeks before he killed 17 people, warning that the twisted teen was “going to explode.”

“I just think about, you know, (Cruz) getting into a school and just shooting the place up,” the unidentified woman said in the eerily prescient call to the FBI’s tip hotline on Jan. 5, according to a transcript obtained by the New York Times.

“Something is going to happen. Because he’s, he doesn’t have the mental capacity. He can’t, he’s so outraged if someone talks to him about certain things,” she told an agent.


As Written By Patrick Jakeway with American Thinker:

When I wrote “Hero Aaron Feis, Disarmed School Guard” this past Sunday, the only available public comment about the Stoneman Douglas High School resource officer was that he was not present at the school, per a Broward County school official.  I cited this in my article but made my argument for allowing Aaron Feis to be armed in addition.  The context is different now.

As Monica Showalter reported earlier, Sheriff Scott Israel stated in a press conference (see hyperlink below) that the school resource officer, Scot Peterson, not only was present at the school, but took up a position on the side of Building 12, where the shooting was happening and stayed there.