The Court Jester: Watch What Biden Does While Obama Is Speaking

Americans cringed after watching the jointing meeting at the White House between former President Obama, Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris.

In the presence of Obama Joe Biden was completely ignored and Joe was clearly frustrated.

Biden’s cognitive issues were also on full display when on camera while Obama was speaking he decided it was time for a snack.

Didn’t Biden give up candies for Lent?

When it was Biden’s turn to speak, he thought he was telling a joke but we all know it’s probably true.

After the speeches, Joe was clearly upset over everyone in the room swooning around Obama.

Rush Limbaugh (who was taken from us too soon) had a saying that you know the Democrat party is in trouble when they bring out Obama. The former radio powerhouse would also add that Obama hated being brought out and things never work out when they do.

One of the reasons why things don’t work out when they trot out Obama is because he is incredibly selfish.