Staggering Number of Americans Are AGAINST More Security In Our Schools

CBS Poll Shows Almost Half Of Americans Want Teachers To Be Armed.

It seems like everywhere you turn on social media and the news, people are speaking out against guns. From the weird new #OnelessGun social movement to the protests at the White house by liberal influenced teens. There are countless Liberal Memes and Gun hate that is swarming the net. But this is ridiculous as in a recent CBS poll 44% of Americans are in favor of arming teachers. This may not be the majority as 50% are against it, but it is pretty close and is definitely under-represented in the media and on the net.

According to the small print on the detail of the CBS poll, there is a 4 point margin of error which could mean that the percentages are even closer to half and half.

Trump weighed in on this issue earlier this week claiming that “We need to harden schools.”

Watch Trump Comment On Arming Teachers Below.

The media wants you to believe that America is against empowering our Teachers, but the Liberal media was also the first to claim that an armed guard was unable to stop the shooter. The media was partially right. The armed detail at the school failed to stop the shooter but not because he was unable to find the shooter or was unarmed. The man that was supposed to guard the school for whatever reason whether it be fear or self-interest simply sat back and allowed the incident to happen.

But the hope is that the armed teacher will care about his/her students enough to be willing to not only protect the students but stop the gunman in his tracks. The media has already tried to twist this saying Trump wants to arm just any teacher, but this is not the case. Trump wants to arm well-trained teachers. Liberals fail to realize that minutes matter and police will require time to arrive. Time that teachers who are on the scene will have to handle on their own. It is time that we give the people we entrust our kids with daily the means to properly protect them.