Just Before Biden Announces His 2024 Plans…Something Happened That Totally…

The Biden administration hasn’t had a few good weeks, lately. What are we saying? It’s never had a few good weeks. This White House has been one of the worst we’ve ever seen. Biden has stumbled from one failure after another. And, in a matter of days or weeks, the old man is preparing to announce his re-election bid.

Really? You’d think Biden would just want to get out of this term alive. Yet, he still claims he has what it takes to be re-elected as president. Not so fast, Joe. Because one of the worst decisions he made–at the very start of his administration–is coming back to haunt him, big time.

From Fox News:

Power the Future, a group that represents the interests of U.S. energy workers, published a video blasting the Biden administration for its decision two years ago to nix the Keystone XL pipeline…

The video… noted the pipeline cancellation… led to thousands of job losses. It also highlighted comments Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry made following the cancellation arguing that fossil fuel jobs would be replaced with clean energy jobs…

Power the Future, though, included in its video various media reports showing declining and lost green energy jobs in the solar and wind industries.

When Biden shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, it led to the destruction of thousands of jobs. Not just ones to build the pipeline, but the many jobs that would have been created, thanks to the arrival of safe, affordable oil.

At the time, John Kerry–Biden’s “green” lap dog–claimed that it was a good thing that Joe was destroying the fossil fuel industry. Because it was so harmful to the folks who depended on it for work! And Kerry crassly said that people who earned degrees and spent decades working in the industry could just jump into the “green” market and get a job.

All lies. The video revealed that there has been declining opportunity for green jobs for years, as solar and wind have failed to provide enough energy to power America. On top of that, the video featured energy workers who learned the hard way that you can’t get a “green” job, if you’ve been trained to drill for oil or gas.

Biden sold us a pack of lies. Shutting down the fossil fuel industry wasn’t about “saving the earth.” It was about destroying an American industry to please radical environmentalists and our rivals overseas. Biden knew it. Kerry knew it. And all those energy workers now without jobs know it.

And soon, the rest of the country will know it.