Consequences Rain Down On Military Bashing Teacher

Military Bashing Teacher Starts To See The Consequences Of His Actions.

Earlier this month we posted a story about a Californian teacher who hates the military. The teacher decided that he would spread his hate on to his students. Gregory Salcido has since been the well-deserved subject of harsh criticism. He now has a police detail on his house in the name of safety and fears for his family’s welfare.

“Based on the many hateful, vulgar, and violent threats being made against me and my family, my priority is the emotional and physical health of my wife and son,” he said in the text.

It’s like the pot calling the kettle black. But it’s not unexpected as he has not apologized or made any sort of amends. Especially when he was incredibly “hateful” and “vulgar” spreading his anti-military message to youthful minds who were forced to listen to his hateful views. What’s worse is that in his teaching position he is molding the minds of future generations. Who knows what other hateful and outlandish things he has said.

Former Four Star General John Kelly has caught wind of this “teacher” and his hateful message and had this to say about it.

“I think the guy ought to go to hell,” Kelly, a former four-star general, flatly declared. “I hope he enjoys the liberties and the lifestyle that we have fought for.”

Watch The followup below.

His actions have had other consequences as he is on administrative leave with the school, unfortunately with pay. They are investigating the videos, hopefully, he will be fired soon. No one should allow this man to teach children. The school is currently in the process of getting legal counsel but they want to be clear, the legal help is for them to sort through this incident.

“I hope the audience did not think our reason to hire a law firm was to defend Mr. Salcido,” she said after the meeting. “That was not the reason at all.”

But Salcido has also lost his place on multiple committees as he is/was also a councilman. Which is another amazing thought, who would ever want him to represent them?

“The public demanded Salcido step down from office,  Archuleta reported. “So many of our residents want him out.”

Since the videos went viral two petitions online call for his resignation. In addition, a Facebook group is planning to rally outside El Rancho High on Friday.

It looks like Salcido’s career is circling the drain.