What The Trump’s Did For These Children On Halloween Will Make You Proud!

The Trump family has kept close to American traditions, this Halloween they breathed some much needed ‘life’ back into the White House. President Trump and First Lady Melania, Stood in front of a very impressively decorated White House, baskets in hand, greeting children and handing out candy.

The White House was draped in webs and spiders with fun Halloween music playing for the excited guests. The flashing lights and beautiful costumes were a sight to see. It’s some wholesome news that brightened our hearts and we think it will for you as well.


As reported by Darlene Superville with The Washington Post.

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump dressed up as himself, complete with his trademark red tie, for his first Halloween in the White House.

Trump and first lady Melania Trump greeted some of the 6,000 children and adults who were invited for trick-or-treating at the White House on Halloween eve. Children from more than 20 schools in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia attended the festivities on the South Lawn, along with military families and members of unspecified community organizations.

Spooky music played over loudspeakers. Machines cranked out the fog. Pumpkins carved with the likenesses of past presidents decorated the south entrance of the White House. Black spiders hung from webs spun between the portico’s columns. A sign over an awning proclaimed “Halloween at the White House 2017.”

Trump and the first lady, who wore a calf-length coat in the crisp air, welcomed dinosaurs, athletes, police officers, skeletons and more. Trick-or-treaters took home individual gift bags containing presidential M&Ms, a home-baked cookie, and other candies.

Trump and his wife chatted with the children, with the president at times going in for a high-five or posing for photos, including with White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family. “Sarah, get in here,” the president said as her kids lined up for a photo. Mrs. Trump wished trick-or-treaters a “Happy Halloween.”