Public Response To Knocked Out Woman Is Despicable

Sad Glimpse Into The State Of Public Decency.

The General Public is supposed to have Basic Human Decency. You can call it what you want from chivalry, courtesy, manners, or what used to be called having some humanity. Lessons in Humanity are supposed to be instilled by peers as a child grows up. Those lessons are to include taking care of each other, sharing, turning the cheek, and doing to others as you would want to be done to you. This incident shows how far we have fallen.

In Pittsburg, a woman was knocked out cold and left to lay out on the pavement. A man kicked her legs out and then punched her in the head incapacitating her. The man then walked off. You would have expected witnesses to call the police or check on their fellow human, instead they left her where she was laying down on the pavement. What’s worse is that instead of checking on the woman people posed for photos with the knocked out lady.

Outside of the rude photos, someone decided to kick a person when they were literally down and steal her phone. The best part is this fine display of absolutely disgusting behavior was captured on film via a surveillance camera. So now we all get to see what an utter lack of civility looks like.

Watch The Surveillance Video/News Reel Below

The incapacitated lady may not be a model citizen but its the responsibility of every human to at least show basic human decency which this video lacks.

As Reported By Chris Perez New York Post.

Shortly after leaving, the men reportedly returned and began taking even more photos.

“They actually come back,” the source said. “A kid lays beside her and takes a selfie.”

According to KDKA, the victim is a known drug addict who has been arrested several times in the past, mostly for illegal substances.

“They deserve to be helped,” Capretto said, describing residents with drug problems.

“This is my oath to help people who are sick,” he added. “I, as a physician, this is my oath to help people who are sick. She’s sick and she needs help.”