3 US Troops Killed In Niger Ambush

Three Dead And Two Injured In An Attack On US Troops.

Three US troops were killed and two were injured when joint Nigerian, US Patrol was attacked. The two injured are in stable condition and are being transported to Germany. The Military is still figuring out what occurred.

The US has a small Special Operations Force in Niger to provide counterterrorism advise on how to handle the two nearby terrorist affiliated groups. The two groups being the ISIS backed Boko Harem and the North African branch of Al Qaeda.

President Trump has been Briefed on the attack by the Chief of Staff John Kelly and Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. There is still a lot unknown about this incident as it is so fresh. That is why Trump has yet to comment on it.

Watch the Video Below.

As Reported By Barbara Starr, Ryan Browne, and CNN

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has maintained a presence in the Mali-Niger border area, despite a multi-year French-led military counterterrorism effort, Operation Barkhane, which began in 2014.

The US military has largely played a supporting role, providing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets to support French forces operating in Mali and Niger. The French operation involves thousands of French troops as well as forces from Germany, Mali, Niger and other countries in the region.

“US forces are in Niger to provide training and security assistance to the Nigerien Armed Forces, including support for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance efforts, in their efforts to target violent extremist organizations in the region,” Falvo said, adding “one aspect of that is training, advising and assisting the Nigeriens in order to increase their ability to bring stability and security to their people.”

The US is also in the process of establishing a new drone base just outside the city of Agadez in Niger in an effort to bolster regional counterterrorism efforts.