Insane Air-raid Footage On ISIS In Egypt [Uncensored Video]

Footage released in the new year shows Egypt taking action against ISIS.

It seems everyone is sick of the terrorist group and while they’re becoming more extreme as of late it is important to remember ISIS has been rapidly losing territories. A small cell was located in Egypt and their military wasn’t going to stand for the parasitic group (ISIS) nesting in their backyard.

Just before the bomb strikes, it looks like the militants know something is about to happen as the men can be seen first running from their vehicles and then back to them only to vanish under the firey death cloud.

At the 00:12 second mark a white projectile is seen jetting out from the blast which has us wondering what that was? Was it an ISIS missile now disabled by the blast or something else? Take a look and let us know what you think.

*Warning: The following footage has not been edited by this site and contains graphic images not suitable for all audiences. Viewer’s discretion is strongly advised.



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