Facebook Violates The Privacy Of 50 million Users

Facebook Gives Away 50 Million Users Data Without Consent.

The world’s favorite social media site, Facebook, is under scrutiny after it was revealed that they are not as safe as originally thought. The Social Media Giant allowed an app to collect data on over 50 million users. The app “This is your digital app,” then sold the data to information gathering company “Cambridge Analytica.” What’s worse is that there are claims that Cambridge Analytica may have some Russain ties. So who knows where out information is going.

Many people feel this is the last straw and a movement has started with Facebook’s competitor Twitter. Twitter has started a #DeleteFacebook trend.  But this kind of behavior is nothing new for Zuckerberg and the social site, the site creator once made fun of users who share their data on his site.

They trust me, DumbF*cks.”

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As Reported By Newsweek

“The legal allegations against Facebook will need to be investigated by Elizabeth Denham, the U.K.’s Information Commissioner,” Jonathan Compton, a partner at law firm DMH Stallard, told Newsweek. “But the allegation that Facebook knew of the harvesting and did nothing to warn the 50 million or so users affected will raise questions quite outside the U.K. legal framework, with those who trust it on a day-by-day basis as to the security of their personal data and preferences.”

Facebook currently boasts more than 2 billion monthly active users. But change happens quickly in the social media world. Just ask MySpace, Bebo, and Friendster.

“Like any social media platform, Facebook relies on the public’s participation to exist,” said Tony Pepper, CEO of security firm Egress. “Change in public opinion, combined with investigations by government bodies, is likely to have major ramifications for the way Facebook and its third-party apps harvest and handle personal data. However, Facebook is a widely popular platform and while the T&Cs will undoubtedly change, it is unlikely that this will be the end.”