Breaking: Students Arrested At Parkland High School; That’s Not All That Will Shock You.

This has proven to be yet another disturbing week at Stoneman Douglas High School

The Parkland school in the news yet again. This time two students were arrested, one who had a knife and the other a reportedly had a razor blade. The incompetence shown in and around the school is astounding because that isn’t the only thing that has happened in the last two days. There isn’t any wonder why student are so afraid there.

A Third student was taken to a mental hospital for making threats on social media. The third student reportedly showed off his gun and bullets while threatening the school. But wait there is more…

The brother of Nicolas Cruz, the school shooter, was arrested after violating a restraining order by entering school grounds for the third time. What Zachary Cruz was doing on the property is still being debated at this time. The kicker here is that the sergeant assigned to patrol the school was found sleeping in his cruiser at the time Zachary was found on the property.

As Reported By Scott Travis and Tonya Alanez with Sun Sentinal:



Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said he was disheartened to learn of the allegations against Carotti.

“That a deputy was sleeping is incredibly disappointing,” he said. “As you know, I can’t comment on an ongoing internal affairs investigation, but once the findings are in I will make the appropriate decisions regarding the way we are going to handle it and the level of discipline.”

The matter was handled swiftly and appropriately, he said. “I’m extremely proud of the way the sergeant handled it. He identified an issue and immediately sent the deputy home.”

Tuesday’s school day began with the arrest of Jordan Salter, 18, after a conflict in the cafeteria. She poured cereal on another student’s head after he asked Salter’s friend a sexually offensive question. When the boy leaned in close to Salter’s face, she pulled a 2-inch black knife from her bra, opened it and displayed it, according to a report from the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

The next arrest came in the afternoon when school authorities learned that Gavin Stricker, 17, had brandished a knife on a bus Monday. He was called into the school’s office and a 9-inch knife was found in his backpack, according to a juvenile arrest report.

911 calls from the Parkland school the day of the shooting -Story continues below this video

The third troubling event developed after screenshots of a sophomore’s Snapchat social media account circulated around campus. It showed the boy posing with a gun in his waistband along with images of bullets. The photos were captioned with “catch me out here n—-” and one referenced a student named Josh, the sheriff’s office said.

The student, who was hospitalized for a mental-health evaluation, told a detective that the firearm in the photo was a BB gun and the bullets belonged to his father, according to a sheriff’s office report…

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