Does Facebook Have An Anti-Christian Bias?

Facebook Fickle With Freedom Of Speech?

Facebook is supposed to be a place where people can have open discussions and share ideas. But a Facebook user recently learned that Facebook is far from neutral in fact it is Anti-Christian.

The Activist Mommy responded to someone who said that Christians are hypocrites for eating shellfish.

“Sarah Tuttamore: But don’t those old Testament passages condemning homosexuality as an ‘abomination’ also condemn eating shellfish and pork as an ‘abomination’? Christians are hypocrites for condemning gays with Bible passages that also condemn them.”

The Activist Mommy Responded:

“Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13 similarly call homosexual sex “detestable” and an “abomination.” It is true that those passages also condemn eating shellfish, and other things Christians do not consider sin. However, when we come to scripture to determine what it says about a subject, we must come to it on its own terms. We can’t redefine a debate opponent’s terms, for example, in a way to twist the outcome in our favor. That would be dishonest and insincere. How does the Bible handle this apparent contradiction?”

She continues on but as you can see she is having a theological discussion.  But someone on facebook got all bent out of shape about the gay abomination bit so they reported the post.

When a post is reported it is reviewed and actions are taken whether it be a message that says the post isn’t in accordance with Facebook policy or in the mommy activist case her account was suspended for 3 days. When she got her page back up she was angry and tried to let her fans know what happened.

“Last Sunday, I posted something about the ban, explaining to my followers where I had been the last three days and reposted the screenshot and wrote #FacebookCensorship,” Johnston said. “That ticked them off and they didn’t like that at all. It was going viral. Just within a few hours, they had banned me again and they were going to make it more painful.”

Since then The Activist Mommy has her page back and she recently came across the group” I will find the Activist Mommy and burn whoever runs it alive. She, of course, reported the page as it is threatening and uncalled for. So facebook responded with the following:

So Facebook is ok with ‘we will kill you’ group, but you quote some scripture or have a discussion about religion/sexuality and Bam your account is suspended.