The Press Tries To Ambush Sarah Sanders And She Sends Them Packing [Video]

It’s hard for reporters to argue with Sarah Huckabee Sanders because she deals in facts. This latest will make you proud!

The White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, was ‘caught off guard’ by reporters in this un-improvised press ambush outside the White House. At least, that was their intention, but when you stick to the facts you don’t need time to prepare.

That is just what Sanders proved to reporters in the early morning hours. Her snapback answers to their questions and factual reponce about Senator Chuck Schumer is something to behold. Enjoy.


As reported by Benny Johnson with Daily Caller:

The media has asked the question “is Trump a racist?” without pause since Democratic lawmakers leaked POTUS’ controversial “s***hole” comments last week.

Trump has denied the comments, along with multiple GOP senators who were in the room, and Sarah Sanders apparently took out her frustration over having to repeatedly answer the same question Tuesday morning.

On her way into the White House Tuesday morning, Sarah Sanders was asked point blank by reporters about the alleged remarks. Sanders said that Trump used “strong language” in his conversation with lawmakers and then tore into Democrat lawmakers for politicizing the comments:

It’s a sad day for our country. They’re willing to throw away the progress and negotiations and not make big steps that we need to happen, whether it’s funding our military, supporting our government or making a deal on DACA, which they say is a huge priority, something they want to do.

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As reporters continue to try to hit Sanders with charges questions she doesn’t fail to shake them with facts. You can tell they’ve run out of things to agrue about by watching until the end of the video where one MSNBC reporter tries to childishly spin the sad play from the Democratic party by stating:

“I agree with Sarah Huckabee Sanders in terms of a sad day for our country but I’d go with Lindsey Graham. Sad day for our country and our children that the President of the United States uses such vulgar language that our kids can’t watch the news”

Because god knows all children want to do is to watch the news, right?