Desperate: Amended Lawsuit Now Targeting Trump The Businessman [Video]

Seems like the liberal left will stop at nothing to make something ‘stick’ on Trump. This new move is beyond desperate.

A non-profit watchdog group has expanded its lawsuit against US President Donald. This time the group is targeting Trump the businessman. The group is accusing him of violating the Constitution by letting his hotels and restaurants accept payments from foreign governments.
So why is this so ridiculous? President Trump might maintain ownership of his businesses but he handed over the day-to-day operations to his two sons while he works for the American people.


There is more to this than just Trump the President. When we elected Donald Trump we elected Trump the businessman. Are they now asking President Trump to do away with his businesses or stop allowing foreigners to stay in his hotels- eat at his restaurants?

Last year, The DOJ moved to throw out a lawsuit claiming similar issues so this likely won’t stick but it is just more desperation from the left to find ANYTHING on President Trump.


As reported By Susan Wright with Red State:

Attorney generals from Maryland and the District of Columbia have decided to take their lawsuit against President Trump from his professional position to his personal life, and have expanded their suit, regarding emoluments.

The expanded suit claims that by directing foreign and state government officials to use Trump properties, that counts as “gifts,” that will enrich Trump, beyond his duties as president. For that reason, they’re not just suing Trump the president, but also Trump the businessman.

And this is murky territory, to say the least.

From the Associated Press:

 “The conventional understanding is that once the president is sworn in … everything he does is official, so he doesn’t have a personal capacity any longer. That’s kind of the assumption, but that could be wrong,” said Mark Brown, a constitutional law expert at Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Maryland, is one of several recent cases challenging Trump’s ties to his business ventures and his refusal to divest from them. The suits allege that foreign governments’ use of Trump’s hotels and other properties violates the Constitution’s emoluments clause, which bans the president’s acceptance of foreign gifts and money without Congress’ permission. The clause has never been fully tested in federal court and Trump’s Justice Department attorneys have argued that hotel room stays do not represent “foreign gifts.”

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