FISA Memo Reveals That Warrants Were Not Properly Executed.

The Democrats have finally come to their senses and allowed the release of the FISA memo. So now that we finally have the memo in hand we can see what was soo complicated that Democrats needed to keep it from us.

The memo shows that Trump was right again. There was surveillance during his presidential campaign but they targeted Carter Page, his foreign policy advisor during the Presidential Campaign, instead of directly targeting him.

The FBI and DOJ in order to perform surveillance and conduct an investigation had to go through the appropriate channels and acquire FISA warrants.The FBI and DOJ have to renew FISA warrants every 90 days. So after the first initial warrant, there were 3 renewals meaning that they surveilled Carter Page for 360 days.

The problem lies in how the FBI and DOJ were able to get the warrants. The warrants were obtained by using the dossier as evidence for probable cause. However, they never listed the fact that the DNC had paid to obtain the information for the dossier in the warrants. They also did not include anything about the source of the dossiers: Fusion Gps, Christopher Steele, or the DNC. Which can be seen as a failure to disclose all of the facts. This failure undermines the integrity of the warrants.

Watch The Video Below.

Video Of Memo Below (Mute Video Audio Not Needed)

Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

This means that if they can prove that the warrants were not properly written and failed to supply all pertinent facts to the case of probable cause, then everything can be thrown out.

Fruit of the poisonous tree means that any information they find due to the warrants will now be seen as inadmissible in court. Since the tree (warrants) is poisonous, the fruit (information obtained) is also poisonous. So we soon may see the end of all DNC (Hillary) inspired slanderous investigations. Democrats need to stop with the distractions and let Trump continue to Make America Great Again.

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