Cruel Couple Lacked Human Decency When They Did This.

Vile Couple Pimp Out Handicapped Special Needs Woman.

A Michigan Couple was arrested after it was discovered that they were keeping a Handicapped, Special Needs Woman in their shed. Not only keeping her there but also selling her online for sex and keeping her support money.

The Woman was originally living in the Home with the couple comfortably. But after a few months, she was no longer allowed to live in the home because she couldn’t afford the rent. After moving her out to the shed she was not allowed to use the bathroom or shower inside the home.

Neighbors say they saw the woman but were not aware that she lived there. A neighbor commented about the incident: “It’s sad. It’s disturbing. Even if you are down and out there are ways of figuring things out, not doing that to another human being.”


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As Reported By Fox News

He added: “The Sheriff and the Prosecutor’s Office are resolved to bring some measure of justice to this young woman, and to get her the support and treatment she needs.”

After Welch was arraigned, he tried to escape from a police vehicle and a short foot chase ensued before officers caught him and returned him to Macomb County Jail, police said. Welch will face new charges for trying to escape.

George was ordered to be held on a $75,000 bond while Welch received a $50,000 bond. They were both slated to return to court on Oct. 24.

Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham urged parents to check their children’s social media accounts for human trafficking warning signs.

“Be wary of opportunities that seem to be good to true and always be aware of your surroundings,” Wickersham said. “Parents are urged to monitor their children’s social media accounts and look into those people who associate with your children.”