College Students Get Fooled Into Hating On Obama

College Students Get Tricked Into Hating On Their Idolized Obama.

Liberal bias runs rampant in college campuses. Teachers fill the impressionable minds of their student with plenty of good but in many cases lose sight of their purpose. They start to use their classroom as a soapbox to spread their political views as the recent anti-military “teacher” did.

So it’s no surprise that students would automatically disagree¬†with anything, that is said to be stated by Trump since they are taught in school to hate him. sent a reporter over to John J college, a well known criminal justice university. The reporter asked multiple people how they felt about quotes from the recent presidential address. But instead of using Trump Quotes he used Obama’s SOTUA quotes to see how these Obama fans would react.

The answers are great and the bias is obvious. The reporter lies to the students to try and show them that their idolized President is not the saint that he constantly gets depicted as. He also shows how close-minded and bias they are. Since they were all ready to bash Trump for some quotes but Obama can practically do no wrong,

He starts off with this quote.

“Isis: We need to call them what they are killers and fanatics, who have to be hunted down and destroyed. What are your thoughts on that?

“Well first for Isis sake, it’s something the government made up. So they can continue doing what they want to do, which is world domination.”

“Donald Trump should like you know mind his own business and like just focus on America. Because he is the president of the United States not of the whole world.”

“I feel like that’s a very strong statement. When you say something like that, it kinda makes you a target.”

“..You’re? a threat to this country, it’s just ridiculous.

Watch The Interviews Below.

As you can see Universities have their Liberal viewpoints well ingrained in their students. It’s only after he reveals that the quotes were Obama’s do the students think that they might be biased. This is why we need to stop Professors from preaching their political propaganda in their classrooms as it is creating judgemental close-minded individuals.