Woman Shamed At The Gyno By Trans

UK Woman Requests Female Nurse Gets Man Who Now Identifies As Woman.

The Gender Identity Movement is alive and kicking, adding a lot of confusion and arguments to everyday scenarios. What should be a simple question has now become much more complicated. With 27 gender pronouns and a whole slew of new gender identities LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP. It’s harder to get the answer to what sex a person is and the dating world must be interesting.

In the United Kingdom, one woman ran into this confusing problem. She was having a sensitive procedure (cervical screening test) done and requested she had a female nurse as opposed to a male. You’d think that would be a fairly easy request to satisfy. “She was “embarrassed and distressed” when the nurse called on her. To her surprise, a deep voice that belonged to what appeared to be an unshaven man had called her in for the procedure. Taken aback and thinking there must be a mistake she asked where her female nurse was. The nurse before her replied “My gender is not male. I’m a transsexual.”

The woman, who decided not to go ahead with the examination, said it was “weird where somebody says to you: ‘My gender is not male’ and you think: ‘Well, what does that even mean? You are clearly a man.’ ”

The nurse “had an obviously male appearance . . . close-cropped hair, a male facial appearance and voice, a large number of tattoos and facial stubble”, she said.

The patient made a formal complaint and received an apology from the NHS (National Health Service). This incident is not an isolated incident and will likely have a higher incident rate with a new policy the UK is thinking of passing. Justine Greening, the equalities minister and education secretary, has been reviewing some new proposals that if accepted would make it so a person could “change their gender legally without a doctor’s diagnosis.”

The patient commented on the incident “People who are not comfortable about this are presented as bigots and this is . . . kind of how I was made to feel about it.”

Watch The Interview With Justine Greening Below.

As you heard in the video above it looks like the UK they soon will allow people to switch genders without any medical council. Does this seem ridiculous to anyone else? If people want to legally change their gender shouldn’t they at least get a medical opinion to make sure they are mentally sound? Some people may just need a little help rather than a streamlined way to switch their gender. This case with the female patient it should have been apparent what she meant by a female nurse or are people going to need to say female from birth from now on?