Thief Gets Taken To The Ground By Hero [Video]

Thief Fails After Customer Steps Up.

It’s not every day that you go shopping for an engagement ring for with your fiance and witness a crime. Andy Fiddler,52, was browsing through rings with his Fiance earlier this month when he and the shopkeepers were in for a surprise from Aaron Jameson-Kennedy

Kennedy apparently “desperate” as he would later claim decided to rob DJM Goldsmiths in Preston, Lancashire. But it was not his day. Kennedy quickly ran into the store and must have cased the place beforehand as he had a location in mind. The thief jumped the counter and grabbed up some jewelry. He was intending to jump back over the counter and exit posthaste but he did not count on Andy Fiddler.

Fiddler meant business. As Kennedy is seen on the other side of the counter, Andy apparently sick of the BS got ready to take the thief down. He removed his jacket and poised for attack. Kennedy focused on that door jumped the counter and took a full forced tackle/takedown from Fiddler. There was a struggle and Kennedy scared for his freedom was able to get up from the floor. But at this point the shopkeepers had seen the bravery of their customer and decided to find their own, so they together grabbed the thief and held him down. Fiddler jumped back up and held the door shut as they restrained him.

The shopkeepers restrained Kennedy for four minutes before the Police showed up.


Watch The CCTV Footage Below.

Andy Fiddler an engineer had proposed to his fiancee, Mandy Riston on New Year’s Eve. He commented on the incident.

“Andy said: “I don’t know what was going through my mind – its just that he was thieving and if I’ve got to pay, he’s got to pay. It seemed the right thing to do. “I stopped bullies at school 40 years ago but have never done anything like this.”

The Shopkeeper, Gary Shaw “said about $600 worth of damage was done to the shop in what was the fourth robbery of the store’s 35-year history.

“We’re only a small company, we’ve worked for 35 years, and we’ve worked damned hard, and we feel it doesn’t give somebody the right to decide that they want to take our hard-earned stock,” Shaw said. “We’ve worked damned hard for it over the years, seven days a week, and then somebody like this comes in and thinks they can just help themselves.”