One Author Holds Nothing Back: “The Usual Idiots That Gave Us The FISA Mess”

In a full-on, but accurate, rant one author doesn’t mince his words over the idiocracy the American people have had to endure over several presidencies.

Unless you spend most of your time surfing political news articles you may have missed this little gem put together by Christopher Chantrill with American Thinker. His firey take on the Presidents through history may seem crude in a world of political correctness but some things just need saying. Mr. Chantrill does a president by president breakdown of where this all went wrong. I think you might enjoy or even agree with at least some of his many points. Take a look.

As Written By Christopher Chantrill with American Thinker:

So here is my question. How long has this political use of the FISA court to wiretap the opposition been going on? Hello, investigative journalists! Now is your chance! Liberals need not apply.

My question is: who started this? And how long has it been going on?

My guess is that it has been going on at least back into the first Obama administration. And my guess is that it started with the need to know what the 2012 Romney campaign knew about the IRS anti-Tea Party shenanigans or the Benghazi train-wreck. What your average political crook needs to know is: what do the other guys have on us?

We know this about the Obama political operation: that, going back to Obama’s Senate campaigns, Obama’s operation has used illegal methods to dig up dirt on the opposing candidate and win elections. They made their bones getting information about the opposing candidates’ sealed divorce records. Somehow the campaign used its local “deep state” contacts to unseal sealed and confidential court records. Hey, why stop now?

A campaign with people willing to break the letter and the spirit of the law will inevitably staff its administration with similar folk.

And then Shakespeare kicks in with “oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” That’s what happens when you have an administration headed by an idiot who got there by cheating. Once you start cheating you find that you can’t stop…

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