After The Dems Take A Beating Obama Comes Out Of The Shadows To Try & Take On DeSantis Head To Head

The Democrats have taken a beating in the last week. President Biden is taking orders from the Easter bunny, oil prices are back on the rise, inflation is getting worse, and now even the White House is warning about food shortages.

On top of that, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is running laps around the Democrats and now they’ve enlisted Obama to take him on head to head.

During the week of April 22, 2022, DeSantis crushed the national gerrymandering DNC strategy and eliminated Disney’s special tax district.

All the while, Joe is being ignored by our allies and humiliating himself when on camera.

As the losses pile up and the midterms get closer Obama has decided to jump in and take on DeSantis. The former president has sent in his buddy, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and a bunch of DC insiders to stop DeSantis.

From Politico:


The National Redistricting Foundation, the group led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, is helping support the lawsuit, and lawyers from the Washington-based Elias Law Group are working on the challenge.

“Republicans across the country tried — and completely failed — to gerrymander their way to a congressional majority,” Holder said in a statement. “In response to this defeat, DeSantis has bullied the legislature into enacting a map that does not allow for a fair electoral contest, and instead draws Republicans an illegitimate and illegal partisan advantage that they have not earned from the voters.”

As we’ve seen from DeSantis he picks his battles very carefully and it is going to be a pleasure watching him take down Obama’s minions.

The Democrats have no answer on how to deal with the issues plaguing this country, just listen to Georgia Senator Joe Ossoff try to explain it away.