Liberal Joy Behar Slanders Trump With This Vicious Remark

Joy Behar Claimed Trump Was “In Bed” With Saudis Who Are Protecting Those Responsible For 9/11.

Trump is our President as much as liberals may dislike him he is doing our country a great service. Conservatives may be harsh on liberal presidents and politicians but they don’t make such vile statements as Joy Behar did. She crossed a line when she said:

“I thought it was the Saudis who were really protecting terrorists?” Behar asked. “I mean, 9/11 came from there, those terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. He’s in bed with the Saudis all the time. So I mean, come on.”

For Joy to just run her mouth and spew such a hateful statement is sickening. The fact that she gets the airtime to broadcast that filth under the guise of entertainment is ridiculous. If she wants to hate on Trump that’s fine she has every right to do so but to say that he is somehow tied to the terrorists that attacked the twin towers on 9/11 is not only reaching but the worst kind of accusation.

Behar’s statement also shows what kind of person she is as she assumes that just because Trump is associated with Saudi Arabian businessmen then he must also be associated with terrorists. Is Joy Behar saying that all Saudi Arabians are Terrorists? Sounds like some racist stereotyping.

Watch The Slanderous Joy Behar Below.

She, of course, continues the conversation with a few more jabs at trump but they are just typical liberal banter nowhere as serious as her first slanderous statement.

“I think that’s true in our country also if we can get away from him (Trump).” Joy said claiming Trump was somehow similar to living under Iran’s Autocratic Regime.

Meghan McCain, the voice of reason on The View stopped Joy in her tracks when she tells her she is not making any sense. She doesn’t see how Joy can possibly compare Iran with the US. Joy quickly backpedals and claims that they are not the same but the US is on a “slippery slope.”

Joy apparently needs to read a newspaper as we don’t live in communist China or in any other free speech prohibited place. This is why American politics are so polarized. How can people come together when we have liberals like this. Who stereotype all Saudi Arabians as terrorists, baselessly connect the President to a terrorist attack that killed nearly 3000 American civilians, and believe that we live under the same conditions as those living under a dictator?