It Begins: Biden & The Media Just Started The Great COVID Narrative Change (VIDEO)

Almost on a dime the great COVID narrative change has begun.

From President Joe Biden to the media a massive narrative change has started. We are moving from a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” to even the vaccinated are going to get COVID but the unvaccinated people are going to die.

Biden said it himself during his bully address to the nation on December 22, 2021:

“And because Omicron spreads so easily, we’ll see some fully vaccinated people get COVID, potentially in large numbers.  There will be positive cases in every office, even here in the White House, among the unv- — among the vaccinated — among the vaccinated — from Omicron.”

The media is right there with him, the very liberal Dr. Ashish K. Jha said during a segment on MSNBC that, “there may be future variants, but we’re going to manage our way through it…with less and less sickness and death.”

During another segment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe he said, “If you are boosted, Omicron will be less severe than the flu.”

Data from South Africa completely disagrees with the liberal talking head, it’s actually better than that. Below is a graph of hospitalizations in South Africa you’ll notice there was a lower hospitalization rate during the Omicron wave than previous waves.

In a long post, CNN pollster, Chris Cilliza told his followers he suddenly is seeing COVID differently.

“Deep down, I think I believed that being vaccinated (and boosted) would keep me from getting Covid-19 AT ALL,” Cillizza wrote. “Why? Not sure, honestly. But I spent the better part of a year waiting for a vaccine and doing everything I could to keep my family from getting the virus. It’s hard to just turn that switch off.”

“Because the reality is — and has always been even if I didn’t realize it — that the vaccines don’t, really, prevent you from getting the virus. Or, at least, they don’t guarantee it won’t happen,” he added.

But here is what really takes the cake…

Since the start of the pandemic fear has been used to influence people, now the left is trying to get the vax church comfortable with getting COVID so they don’t blame Biden.

As many of you know the left is highly organized and put out social media kits, the images below show posts of Democrat politicians announcing they have COVID that are incredibly similar. What many believe we are witnessing is the left conditioning the vax church that it’s now ok to get COVID.

Former OAN reporter, now Human Events editor Jack Posobiec believes that Biden is giving credit to Trump for the vaccines so he can blame him later.