Al Franken Is Finally Out But Who’s This Gunning For His Seat, Now? [Video]

Sen. Al Franken, who has taken what seems like forever to actually step down after announcing his resignation, is officially out of office but it’s not over yet.

Senator Al Franken took his sweet time giving up his seat after his admitted sexual assault allegations last year. To the point, most of us were starting to wonder if his promise of resignation was just liberal gobbledygook. The old, ‘say you’ll do something and hope the people will forget’ we have learned to expect from the sideways party, but it actually happened.

Now that we have one crooked relic out of the way who is going to take his place? Our hopes are for a non-swamp affiliated Conservative but it looks like that will not be the case, at least until elections for the seat officially open up. Democrat, Tina Smith, was assigned Franken’s seat until which time. We urge our fellow patriots to get out and vote in your local elections. The battle for the presidency may have been won but the war isn’t over yet. While, this new development gives Democrats an edge don’t let that discourage you. Michele Bachmann says she intends to run and she isn’t the only one. Take a look at what you need to know.


As Reported By Ed Morrissey With HotAir.

Minnesota Democrats will throw their weight behind Smith now, who agreed to pursue the office in 2018’s special election to fill the last two years of Franken’s term. She’s not likely to face a serious primary challenge; the whole point of Chuck Schumer’s intervention with Dayton was to avoid a primary fight that would require national-party intervention in a cycle that’s already tough enough for Democrats. That might change in 2020, depending on whether Smith impresses in Washington or not, but the value of incumbency will probably outweigh the individual political ambitions within the DFL.

The Republican primary will be wide open, however, and may have already attracted one well-known candidate. Last week, former Congresswoman and presidential aspirant Michele Bachmann told televangelist Jim Bakker that she’s discerning whether to make a run for the 2018 special election:

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