Biden Admin Blunder Leaves Senate Dems In SCOTUS Battle Frightened

Senate Democrats are not happy with Joe Biden because the administration has once again screwed up.

Once Democrats were able to con Justice Breyer into stepping down Biden announced that he would nominate the first black woman to the Supreme Court of the United States. However, instead of properly vetting a candidate he just checked the boxes by nominating Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

KBJ was not ready for primetime.

Despite Republican Senators giving KBJ a heads up that they were going to question her about her record the White House did nothing to prepare her and she took a beating during cross-examination.

Things went so poorly that Senator Dick Durbin is hiding records about Jackson which is another sign that Biden’s team didn’t properly vet her.

“The notion of making those pre-sentencing reports available for this political environment and potentially available for public consumption, would be reprehensible and dangerous. These reports contain sensitive information about innocent third parties and victims and children, for God’s sake. Why the Republicans and Ted Cruz have insisted on poring through these now to build their specious case against [Jackson], I don’t know. I’m gonna fight every step of the way,” Durbin said.

Durbin wouldn’t be hiding records if KBJ’s history wasn’t an issue.

Two Democrats on the committee are shaking their heads that Biden would let this happen.

“The damage had already been done,” one Democrat Senator admitted.

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans are taking a look at their options because KBJ’s record is definitely a problem.

“I’m not sure what the procedural next steps are. The reasonable step for the committee to take is to produce the information,” Cruz said. “[Jackson] said we don’t have enough information to understand the cases. That’s what her answer was under sworn testimony. If that’s the case, then the responsible thing for the committee to do is review the probation reports.”

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