Gullible Gun Owners Destroy Their Weapons?!

Florida Shooting Leads Some To Destroy Their Guns?!

The Florida shooting has lead to a lot of controversy from the Gun right arguments, to mental illness, there is much to be discussed. But in a surprising turn of events, some Gun Owners have been brainwashed by the Liberal Mainstream Media, into believing their weapons need to be destroyed. You read that right destroyed. As if somehow by owning a weapon they are part of the problem.

But how does disarming yourself help prevent school shootings? It doesn’t. Unless you are physically handing out weapons to the mentally disturbed and aiming them at schools there is no reason for this nonsense.

It all started with a video of Scott Pappalardo who cut his AR-15 into three pieces. Pappalardo had owned his rifle for 30 years and even has a tattoo of the second amendment on his person. He decided that he had enough and destroyed his rifle claiming that it was one less.

“This isn’t the answer to solve all the problems. Quite frankly there is no one answer. There will always be people that will want to kill and will do it one way or another,” Pappalardo says in the video. “But they are not going to do it with this gun. And I‘m hoping that maybe someone will see it and say: ‘Maybe I’ll do the same thing.’”

But sadly this was not an isolated incident.

But there were critics of the movement such as this man who compared it to destroying car because one time his son drank and drove in it.

Thankfully it’s not all gun owners as this is just plain ludicrous. I have doubts as to whether some of these people were long-standing gun owners. As any responsible gun owner safely keeps their weapons and knows that guns are meant to protect people. Well, maybe some good will come from this as anyone who is willing to cut up their gun probably shouldn’t have one in the first place.