Watch: More International Embarrassment Joe Drifts Off Into Lala Land Again!

Biden is an international embarrassment and once again started to dose off on camera while he checked his watch.

The media in the United States may be cutting him a break but the international press is having a field day.

Watch the report below:

Biden also struggled during his opening remarks, 30 seconds in and the wheels fell off.

The previous week was just as bad after Joe Biden got lost twice and in one instance the Secret Service had to aid him.

First, there was Joe’s total brain fart during a “town hall” (that wasn’t) on CNN with host, Anderson Cooper. Biden’s condition was on full display for the entire world to see that the leader of the free world is a senile mess.

Joe Biden: With 40% of all products coming into the United States of America on the West Coast go through uhh Los Angeles and uhh and uhh umm uhh umm, oh what am I doing here?

Anderson Cooper: Is it Long Beach?

Joe Biden: Long Beach. Thank you.

A few days later, a confused Biden had to get corralled by the Secret Service because he went the wrong way after his speech. You’ll see a leader in the detail order two agents to quickly get in front of Biden because he got lost and went the wrong way.

You may have also noticed that Biden engaged in mask theater. After his speech he coughed into his hand and then started to greet the audience maskless.

Biden’s performance with Anderson Cooper was just as bad as his last CNN town hall in July.

The president’s cohort, Vice President Kamala Harris is just as awkward, she cackles instead of using words.

Although the White House doesn’t want you to worry about Joe or Kamala’s bizarre mannerisms. Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, said that world leaders are “sophisticated” enough to understand that Biden is on track for success, even if his agenda doesn’t pass through Congress.

What a joke.