Unpatriotic NFL Tries To Salvage Ruined Reputation With Honorary Military Ceremony

The NFL Tries To Bring Back Fans With A Military Recognition Ceremony.

Roger Goodell has made an enemy of most conservatives, the military, and the American flag this past season. As we all know the NFL has failed to enforce the simplest thing, respect of the American Flag, and military. Disrespect, all in the name of politics set against a few bad apples in the police force. If it were not enough that they failed to adequately manage their players, they also made another anti-patriotic move. They decided that they would not allow a patriotic ad in their Super Bowl Program.

So Goodell thought that it was high time to try and salvage the ruined reputation of the NFL. You’d think that he would enforce standing for the flag or maybe even punish players for disrespecting the flag, but that would insinuate that Goodell had grown a pair and we know that’s not going to happen.

So instead of that, he decided that he would try and at least Honor some members of the military. The NFL put out an announcement where they plan to honor 15 Medal of Honor Recipients.

“The NFL is proud to honor our Nation’s heroes at Super Bowl LII,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “These courageous individuals deserve to be recognized on America’s biggest stage. We are grateful for their service to our country and we are pleased to continue the NFL’s longstanding tradition of hosting special tributes to service members at the Super Bowl.”

The honored servicemen will have sort of involvement in the coin toss as part of this honor.

You can tell this an effort on the part of the NFL to try and mend things with all of the people that they have offended, by allowing their players to disrespectfully kneel during the anthem. But it seems too little too late. Americans are going to need more than one occasion of patriotism to try and look past their blatant disregard for it, for more than a year. You can see what really matters to Goodell, not the military or the flag but ratings. That’s why the boycott is necessary. We shouldn’t have a league claiming to be national that cares nothing for the nation.