ACLU PANICS After Johnny Depp Trial Catches Them In Bed With Amber Heard

The ACLU got caught with their pants down and now they are trying to cover their butts.

The news is so bad that even far-left journalists like Audra Heinrichs, who writes for Jezebel was disgusted by the news.

Testimony by the general counsel of the ACLU at the Johnny Depp trial admitted that they ghostwrote the Washington Post op-ed at the center of the defamation lawsuit. Editors for the Washington Post timed the op-ed to be released at the same time the film starring Heard, “Aquaman” was to be released.

Email between Heard and the Post show that Robin Shulman, a communications strategist with the ACLU first drafted the op-ed. General Counsel and COO of the ACLU Terence Dougherty admitted that the group shopped the op-ed around to various publications.

From National Review:

Heard has given just $1.3 million to the organization after promising in 2016 to give $3.5 million of her divorce settlement to the organization—and her ex Elon Musk donated nearly half of that money ($500,000, to be exact). Worse yet, ACLU staffers actually ghost-wrote The Washington Post op-ed at the center of the trial, in which Heard claimed to be a survivor of domestic violence, and they pitched on her behalf, timed to the release of Heard’s then-upcoming film, Aquaman.

Email correspondence shows that Robin Shulman, a communications strategist with the ACLU, wrote the first draft of the op-ed in November 2018, a month before the article was published, while Heard’s legal team made edits to avoid obvious incrimination of Depp. Terence Dougherty, general counsel and COO of the ACLU, said the ACLU was charged with pitching the op-ed to a number of outlets and had considered the New York TimesTeen Vogue and USA Today before eventually placing it in the the Post. Another ACLU communications associate, Gerry Johnson, emailed other team members about timing the op-ed so it would be released near the premiere of Aquaman. Johnson wrote: “Since draft turned out pretty strong and Aquaman slated to do large numbers I’m wondering what you think about it?”

How the Depp trial turns out is anybody’s guess, it’s now Heard’s turn to present her evidence in court. But, we have discovered that the op-ed was a political hit job. The ACLU is now concerned that they may be found liable and are claiming the op-ed was just “an ad” used to get donations.

Once again we find that a lot of what the left claims isn’t based in truth.

National Review