YouTuber’s Message About Freedom So Powerful Liberals Are Trying To Silence It [Video]

YouTuber Under Liberal Fire Over Her Powerful Message.

Kirsten Joy Weiss is best known for her ‘trick shot’ videos where the young pro shows off her precision and skills with handling firearms. Last year, Kirsten made a video entitled ‘How To Protect Freedom From Anti- Freedom Loopholes’ that she recently reposted because of the current anti-gun movement.

The original video was riddled with negative liberal comments on YouTube and since re-sharing has met even more scrutiny. It’s not clear why her message inspires so much hatred from the left but Kirsten’s message is worth listening to.

The irony here is that Kirsten’s upbeat video about censorship and ‘freedom loop-holes’ was censored. Twitter cited that her video included ‘ Potentially sensitive content’. Sensitive to who? The video doesn’t contain violence. There isn’t any nudity or even profanity.

This honestly looks more like ‘the power that be’ couldn’t argue with a rational video about the truth so they decided to silence her.

Recommended: Watch The full video here:

After reading Twitter’s extremely long guidelines we still cannot find what prompted them to ban her video. Can you? Let us know in the comments.

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