Watch: Rand Paul’s First Interview After The Attack- His Message To Americans.

The Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul, speaks out for the first time after he was viciously attacked. Rand’s message to American’s should be heard by all.

Paul was ambushed by his disgruntle neighbor and now says that he didn’t believe, at first, the attack was politically motivated but what his neighbor said to him told the Senator otherwise. Paul’s disjointed ribs damaged his lungs and gave him pneumonia. I don’t think most people understand how badly the Senator was endured.


As Reported By Dr. Marc Siegel for Fox News:


Why did it happen?

I asked Paul if he knew what was going on in his neighbor’s mind. He replied: “I didn’t before the attack because we had no conversation. After my ribs were broken, then he said things to me to try to indicate why he was unhappy.”

Paul added: “It isn’t so important, if someone mugs you, is it really justified for any reason?”

There has been speculation, Paul said, that he was attacked in a dispute over yard clippings, or because the attacker hated President Trump, or because the attacker was angry at Paul for opposing ObamaCare.

“You don’t really know what’s in someone’s mind,” Paul said. “It may have some relevance, but for the most part, the real question should be: are you allowed to attack someone from behind in their yard when they are out mowing their grass? Even if you dislike something about their yard? So I guess in my mind, I don’t really care what his motives are, other than it’s cowardly and it’s criminal to attack someone from behind in their yard.”


What happened with pneumonia?

Paul returned to the Senate less than two weeks after the incident to help with President Trump’s tax reform plan. He describes miserable nights with fevers and night sweats but decided to push through.

However on the plane ride home, while on ibuprofen, his fever hit 102.6 and he says he realized it was time to get treatment. Paul says he got pneumonia in the area with the bruising of the lung but is now on the mend.

The senator said he is not taking any opioids. “I can tolerate a lot of pain,” Paul said,“ and ibuprofen does help with a lot of things. I decided early on there are side effects from narcotics.” Paul is not against people taking pain medication but says ibuprofen was enough to control his pain.

How long to completely heal?

“I’m still in pain, every time I breathe I can feel pain but it is not like a knife sticking in me like it was in the first three weeks,” Paul said. He estimates he will need six to eight weeks to heal and is hopeful his ribs will be strong enough to go back to normal activities without fear that he will break his ribs again.

Message to America

Paul said he was struck by how angry some people are in America when they made callous comments online about his accident. However, he appreciates his Senate colleagues support through the attack.

“I will tell you in Washington if you want a good message out of this, (it) is every one of my Democratic colleagues came up to me and wished me well,” Paul said. “To tell you the truth, I think it is one of the unwritten stories in Washington. They think that ‘oh, incivility rules Washington.’ Nothing could be further from (the) truth. As far as Republicans and Democrats talking, I’ve never had a cross word with a Democrat, I promise you, never.”

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