Biden Is A Global Embarrassment: Hecklers Greet Joe At Queen’s Funeral (VIDEO)

President Joe Biden is a global embarrassment.

It’s no secret that Biden is driving the United States into the ground and that his policies have led to misery. All attempts to recast Biden’s image have failed, including “Dark Brandon” (which totally backfired).

As foreign heads of state and officials gathered for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral Joe Biden – who was running late – was greeted by hecklers shouting “FJB.”

Joe and Jill completely disrespected the proceeding by showing up late even though they were given an exemption.

From the Guardian:

Joe Biden, and his wife, Jill, was not allowed to disrupt the finely tuned choreography of the late Queen’s funeral.

Rather than being ushered immediately to their seats on their arrival at Westminster Abbey, the first couple, aged 79 and 71, had to be gently told they would need to stand and wait as a procession of George and Victoria Cross-holders went ahead of them down the nave of the abbey.

After an awkward period of small talk at the main entrance, as those awarded the highest decorations of military valour went ahead, the Bidens finally followed in the wake of Victoria Cross-holder CSgt Johnson Beharry, pushing the wheelchair of Keith Payne VC, 89.

The US president had been given a dispensation to make his journey to the abbey in “the Beast”, a heavily armoured limousine used by US presidents for security reasons, rather than be bussed to the abbey with the other heads of state and government.

On his social media platform, former President Donald Trump ripped Biden for humiliating the country.

Joe Biden is a clown.