Wokeism FLOPS Again! Suffers Another Huge Blow In Court

David Duvall was the marketing vice president for Novant Health in North Carolina. For the last five years he served as the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications and was loved by his co-workers. Just as Duvall reached his five year anniversary at Novant, a milestone that would have given his a higher payout he was suddenly terminated.

The white vp was replaced by Kate Everett, a white woman who had worked along side him and was promoted to Chief PR and Communications Officer. Vicky Free, a black woman was given the role of Chief Marketing Officer.

Duvall sued and in his complaint claiming both women were qualified for the job but, they were no more qualified than he was.

Attorneys representing Duvall argued that he was fired “out of the clear blue sky” because of the color of skin and the hospitals “five year plan” to boost diversity by 2020.

During the case, attorneys for Duvall showed that he wasn’t the only white executive fired. The legal team exposed that four other executives were replaced by either a black person or a woman in the 12-18 months after his firing.

The lawsuit stated that Duvall regularly received high praise and had a great performance rating.

“Without prior warning, and without any explanation as to why that promised “normal circumstances” did not apply, Novant terminated [him] on July 30, 2018 and ordered him off the premises immediately, five days before his fifth work anniversary. Jesse Cureton notified Plaintiff of this decision and offered no explanation for it, stating the decision had nothing to do with [his] performance, that [he] had done everything asked of him and more,” the lawsuit reads.

Novant argued that despite giving Duvall high praise he was making Everett do his job and it was only natural to fire him. They denied firing white executives for the sake of diversity but refused to explain all of the replacements.

The jury saw right through it and awarded Duvall a $10,000,000 settlement.

Remember if you go woke you go broke.