Chelsea Handler Goes Off The Handle After Trump’s Tweet

Handler Can’t Stand Trump’s Light Hearted Tweet.

Chelsea Handler once again runs her mouth crudely tweeting against Trump. Handler the ‘comedian’ recently had attacked Sarah Sanders calling her a W**** and bashed her for her appearance. It’s really hypocritical coming from Handler who has appeared topless numerous times in public. The comedian’s career went down the drain after the Sanders incident as she lost her Netflix show to supposedly become more politically active. Which I guess to her means tweeting at people online? She attacked Trump’s light-hearted and informative tweet in her usual crude fashion.

Trump Tweeted the below in regards to global warming:

She responded to the Trump Global Warming tweet:

For some reason, this is ok now in our society to just openly disrespect The President of the United States. I understand the Freedom speech but from Colbert’s “Russian c*** holster,” and now Handler with her direct insults at the President what is going on? When Obama was President no one on the right had the indecency to insinuate Obama was having relations with Biden or spoke with such vulgarity towards him. I guess Liberals are showing that they lack tact and good sense.

Trump was right to turn down the Paris Agreement as we were as per usual supposed to pick up the largest part of the tab. Despite the environment being a global problem, the US, according to the Paris Agreement has to pay more as if it is somehow more responsible. If anything the US should pay less since we already are moving towards alternatives with companies like Tesla and the Green initiatives already present.

In response to Handler’s bashing of Sanders, James Woods posted the following showing us Handler is a nasty human being.

Watch the Interview Below.