Woke Activists Go After White Cheerleader When Bar Fight Turns Deadly

Allie Butler, 22, is being attacked by woke activists after her boyfriend Ian Cranston, 27, allegedly killed Barry Washington (whose black), 22 during a fight outside a bar in Oregon.

The shooting followed a physical altercation that was recorded.

Cranston got into a fight outside of a bar called the Capitol words were exchanged that turned into a fight after Washington had asked Butler out inside the bar. After several blows to the head Cranston pulled his firearm and shot Washington who died as a result of the gunshot the following day.

Woke activists want Butler charged for merely being present during the altercation.

“Our country has a disgraceful history of denigrating, prosecuting and lynching Black men for talking to White women. Over the last week, literally hundreds of people called and emailed me to remind me of this history,” prosecutor John Hummel said.

Several woke activists are calling for Butler to be charge.

“You walked away *laughing* as his body laid on the ground fighting to breathe. You lied to make yourself a victim of a hate crime that you played a part in. You then sent your video to a news outlet for your own benefit,” said one activists.

“Another innocent black man has lost his life, again. His name is BARRY WASHINGTON. He was murdered in public, in cold blood, by IAN CRANSTON and ALLIE BUTLER please help get his story our there,” wrote another.

Cranston’s defense attorney reject the argument the shooting was racially motivated and states that his client was defending himself. Kevin Sali, who’s representing Cranston, claims that Cranston received several blows to the head and feared for his life before using his firearm.

“After the evidence comes out at trial, I trust someone will ask the District Attorney why he deliberately inflamed the community with statements he knew were not supported by any evidence,” Sali stated.

Butler is a graduate from the University of Portland where she was a cheerleader. Cranston has no criminal record and has worked as a machinist at a bullet factory.