Watch: Fed Up Americans Crash Into ‘Vaccinated Only’ Area

Americans are pushing back against mandates and a large group of patriots entered a “vaccinated only” food court in Staten Island, New York chanting, “USA, USA!”

The group entered the area peacefully carrying American flags in defiance of New York City area vaccine mandate that requires Americans to show their passport in order to eat.

Americans in Staten Island aren’t the only one pushing back.

Despite a judge rejecting a restraining order on the vaccine mandate for NYC teachers they are fighting back. During a protest in New York this week local teachers are threatening to “tear down the system” by not returning to work.

The protest started in Brooklyn in front of the Department of Education building then they marched thru midtown to the Australian consult to stand in solidarity with those protesting the draconian lockdowns in their country.

Hundreds attended the march who were welcomed by police and firefighters as they moved through the city.