Whoa: Liberal College Student Argues Infanticide? [Video]

Liberal lunatic argues Pro-Infanticide up-to age two: his reason will leave you questioning the education system.

The, Thus far, Unnamed man is reportedly a University of Tennessee student. When presented with a pro-life line of questioning the entire interview takes an alarming turn. Apparently, abortions are not enough anymore because this guy believes parents should be allowed to terminate their parenthood (essentially) well into toddlerhood.

This lunatic claims children unable to communicate aren’t sentient and therefore not a form of life? Firstly that is a gross misuse of the phrase ‘sentient’ which by definition means ‘able to feel’ and secondly what kind of drugs is he on?

While he babbles on comparing toddlers to trees and setting the baseline that if HE cannot communicate with a child it’s not a life, we are stuck waiting for the punchline.  It is far easier to believe this is pure satire than how someone could possibly think. However, at this time we have found zero evidence to the contrary. Take a look.



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